Dear Lord, please accept my prayers for everyone in this group that are in need of your guidance, love and divine mercy. Please help us all to keep our faith and trust only in You Lord during these difficult times. When I couldn’t handle challenges that were happening one right after the other, health, financial issues, loosing our home, bankruptcy, marriage, family burdens etc, so much more. I finally got down on my knees in desperation to really pray. You appeared to me Lord and said, Don’t worry, Trust in me, walk away. So me and my family left it all behind and started over, You blessed us. But challenges keep happening, I pray again now for Your guidance, healings, love, protection, and mercy for all who are in need of your help on this earth including my family and me, our friends and everyone in this group. I pray all our faith in only You Lord continues to be strong and it’s all Your will. Thank you Always Lord with much gratitude.