Memphis Cepeda

Dear Saint Jude, My wife is home from hospital, hoping to recover from a bout with pneumonia and is also suffering from AFIB; (her heart is in atrial arrhythmia wherein the motion of the upper heart chambers is not synchronized with that of the lower chambers, and places her at risk of a stroke). The pneumonia appears to be cured, but the heart condition manifests as paroxysms of uncontrollable coughing, thirst, general weakness, and shortness of breath. She and I are very concerned that she may be in relapse. An attempted cardioversion (a treatment for atrial fibrillation) performed by an experienced physician, failed.

Oh Saint Jude, in thy love for us, please use the special gift thou hast received from our Lord to bring about a cure in her. Yet, may the will of our Lord be done, not mine.