St. Jude, please continue to protect my son in his personal life and at his job. Please help him to keep his mind clear and healthy, and that his thoughts also be healthy. Please intervene so that people like him, recognize his very high intellectual abilities as well as his niceness, and so that they are kind and helpful to him, and they help to train and guide him in an appropriate and healthy path. Please also help my son in his health; I am concerned that due to his poor self-control with food and over-eating, drinking very little water, as well as engaging in little to no exercise except for an hour or so on Saturdays, he is going to end up with diabetes and/or high blood pressure. He has already gained 35 pounds since he started his desk job last year. Please also help him to regulate his mood and to take his medication. He purposefully gets off it and it’s an on again/off again situation which can actually be harmful. Please protect him always in all aspects of life.

For me, please help me with the health condition issues, especially the newly-discovered one, which you know what it is. Please help me in my upcoming retirement years to have peace and quiet, emotional tranquility, a good and stable financial situation with no financial worries, decent health, and it would be very helpful and nice to have a support system of close acquaintances and preferably good and loyal friends — I don’t have any close acquaintances or friends now. Please also protect me and watch over me in all areas of my life.

Thank you, St. Jude for the help that I believe you have given to us.