Thank you, St. Jude, for your help. Please help me with the financial issue regarding my upcoming retirement; I am very worried that my comparatively lower income would go down even more. I would like to stay at my current employment, but you know what the issue is there. Feeling unappreciated and unwanted is definitely not a good feeling – especially after everything I have done for that company and its owner. He discriminates against women and favors the guys, even those who don’t perform nearly as well as I do and who have outright poor performance in parts of the key areas of their jobs.

Please help me to find another job! At my age it’s nearly impossible to get hired, so I have been stuck in my current employment, although there are some positives about being there, such as health benefits, working from home, and a paycheck, even though it is considerably less than I was making before the owner cut my hours in half going on 3 years now!

Please help me with my income so that I can pay unexpected expenses that come up and so that I can make up the amounts that I lost in my comparatively modest retirement savings. Please help me so that I can pay other expenses, such as the equipment at the house that needs to be replaced and/or repaired, my son’s school loan coming due, the property taxes, and the credit card. I’m afraid of having to dip into my retirement savings to pay for it.

I do realize that there are many people in the world who are much worse off than I am. Please help them. Please also help me so that I don’t end up in a bad financial or health situation in my old age. Thank you, St. Jude. I appreciate it.