Blessed Saint Jude, friend of Jesus, please intercede in the evil attacks on my family from my daughters husband. They live in his country far away from her family and now he won’t let her return to her family with her children. He is an adulterer and abandoned her when she gave birth to third child. He has anger, alcohol and drug problems. Now he wants his children and is lying and manipulating to get them. He has a lot of money and is bankrupting her and her family in trying to hurt her. He does not know our blessed Jesus and will not let his children truly learn about Him. Please St Jude, intercede and allow my daughter to bring her precious children to her family home where they will learn of you and Jesus. Only God can make this miracle happen and remove the evil that has attacked us. God knows all the horrible things that have been done. I do pray that her husband will someday come to know the Lord and not perish, but for now I pray that we be released from his evil ways and his country.
Thank you for hearing my prayers.