Maritza M.

My blessed St. Jude,
My special and powerful patron of Hope. Please intercede on my behalf and come to my assistance. Listen to my prayers like you have in the past. Please St. Jude, I ask that you put your healing hand over my body, and most importantly my ovaries. Please be by side on surgery day and may the doctors successfully remove the mass on my ovary without having to remove my entire ovary. Please St. Jude, I do not want to lose my ovary. I am scared and have so much anxiety building up as I get closer to surgery date. I understand that this mass on my right ovary has to be removed but I do not want to end up losing my entire ovary. I dream about have kids of my own one day God willing. Please St. Jude put your healing hand over my ovary and over the surgeons/doctors/medical team on surgery day so they save my ovary and it is a successful surgery. I also pray that this cyst is benign and not cancerous. Please St. Jude come to my aid and heal me, protect me and give the comfort I need. Please pray for me, pray for us in need and that desire hope, peace and comfort. Amen.