13 April 2020
As Saint Jude and the Lord both know–I’m one of those “vulnerable” people. Sixty-four, multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities. Tomorrow I’m going for a test, to see if I have COVID-19. (Today I had a fever, and have been coughing for a couple of days.) Please pray, that I DON’T have it–and, tonight, that my fever doesn’t go any higher than it’s ben, 99.7F. (That’s high enough, but if it goes to 100F or above–I have to go to the hospital. And, after my experience four years ago–emergency open-heart surgery; almost died; 32 days in hospital–I’m terrified of hospitals.) I just cannot go to a hospital for this, so I’m counting on the Lord to keep my temperature below 99F–AND to heal me, IF I have the disease. Thank you so much for praying.