Marianna labianco

I need help as I’m all alone and scared. My half sister manipulated herself into my life to get to my father which was from his first marriage. I was told by mom about my siblings in case if I choose to look for them later in life I can. My dad never spoke of them and at 12 You are not mature to make such a choice. So at 40 my sister found me and pretended that she wanted a connection. I believed her and my mom was passed for 10 years already. She used me to get to my dad and one year into meeting her she turned her into a different person and said horrible things about my mom yet me being born was all I had done. She tried to create a break in my relationship with my dad and even threatened my life. She cut me off and I never bothered to spoke to her for her betrayal. My father died in May and he always made it clear out home and all his assets were to go to me. We were going to do an official will but with Covid and me working from home we decided to wait. Who knew the following week after that talk he fell Sick and died the next month. She lied again to me saying she wanted me to be close and build a relationship but wanted me to sign my rights of my dads to her. I felt an instinct not to. How could I believe someone who betrayed me with facts that weren’t even true. My father didn’t even know my mom when her parents separated and she knew it. She was just jealous my dad had me and my mother mind you she had 4 brothers and her mom and to what she said an amazing step father. My parents separated when I was 6 and I suffered as a child but I got through it with the love of an amazing mother, and my dad who saw me ever weekend. So when he was passing she knew my dads wishes and thought he did the legal will as he told her everything would go to me if something happened to him. She turned on me when she saw there was no will and her being rich, with 2 BMW’s , a mom and grandmother and stepchildren to add is taking me to court to take away my my house and everything he had just to hurt me. This is not a guess as she told me to my face she wanted me dead or homeless. I barely could afford to get a lawyer and she will not comprise and my brother even said when my dad was in the hospital, to call him when he is dead and send a check. How can heartless people win? Or get away with this? My father told mr when I said please do a will he said that he was clear with his other daughter his wishes as she didn’t need money and had her own home and this home was always meant for my future that my mother and father built for me even I invested my own money into this home and I took care of him especially after my mom died. He moved back to the hose when I was in high school. I’m can’t get a job everything is falling apart and there are days I don’t want to live. I’m fighting back for what is mine and what my father wanted. I need prayers as I have no one and against people who have the means to drag this and see me miserable. I wish for her to stop this and walk away. Karma will come back to hurt those who have done everything to betray me. I wanted a family and believed her. I’ve never felt so worthless when my whole life I’ve helped people who need a chance in life. I did good by my parents and I ask god why? I’m at my wits end. I haven’t been able to feel loved ot laugh like I used to. I was a happy person that doesn’t trust anyone and question why my own sister would do this when all I did was come into this world. Now she wants to take everything away I worked hard for like if it was a game, this is my life and I need help and strength to live each day. I barely have money left to continue and received a shut off notice for my electricity. I want to give up but I know my parents want me to fight back because I deserve everything my parents left me and people like her and my brother are heartless and even being parents and step parents makes no sense on how cruel they can be, imagine if someone did this to their child? I’m no stranger, I’m their sister and they don’t care. I need help please pray that this gets resolved in my favor and I just want to live my life happy and never see or talk to them. I feel like the ultimate orphan and I k ow my parents would not want me to suffer for something I don’t deserve. Please help me and pray something changes her mind and leaves this alone. She should be thief her husband and kids and grandchild. Her 40 year vengeance is a waste of time and she should have just enjoyed what god gave her instead of trying to ruin an innocent life. I just want to heal and be happy. Please pray for me 🙏