I pray to you St. Jude, my husband, had colon cancer that was 95% curable, had surgery. Now he has liver cancer and can’t have a liver transplant, the cancer has spread inside and out of his liver. He is going to get treatment to stabilize it. I pray that the treatments work and he doesn’t have any side effects, there are many that we were told of. I pray to you St. Jude for a miracle. I also need prayers for my son, who is going through a hard time is being accused of embezzlement from his job, they fired him and he can’t work, every job he goes to they have this lean on him. He is going to court in a few months and they want to put him in jail for 9 yrs. he has never been in trouble in his whole life, has never even gotten a ticket. Before this he was a manager for a store, he is a clean person, I pray for him everyday like I pray for my husband. I have so much stress, I love these two men with my whole heart and want healing for them. Please St. Jude hear my prayers, I ask nothing for me, please for them.