st jude thankyou for your intercession pleading to jesus a big miracle for me and my family-st jude pls open the miracle window for my 3 children bless my elder son C to get a good job soon give him the strength as he is longing for a permanant job soon -st jude pls bless my middle daughter M to get the reply from the ircc that a work permit is renewed bless her promotion in her job -st jude bless my younger daughter S to get the reply from ircc that her PR is confirmed & received soon-bless her job & promotion -bless my wife M in her job to get more business from new customers.Bless C my job to be blest to get an increment & bonus for many years i am longing for -please touch the heart of my wife sponsor and my sponsor – Bless us st jude to have our own house soon that God may help us direct us to the right builder and reasonable amount – peace and understanding in my family have mercy on us and make a way for us … thankyou st jude for your valued blessing and miracle help soon