Madge Smith

My Dear St Jude,

Please pray for my son Jude , who has severe autism, has limited social and communication skills , and hurts him self severely and others.

Please pray that if it be God’s will that he will be healed COMPLETELY and give his life to the priesthood.

If that not be God’s will, please pray for a speedy resolution to our current difficulties with him being a safety issue to the other family members in our house and for the other family members to recover from ptsd from the severe traumas we’ve witnessed and been a part of, due to autism, for the last 8-14 years.

My other children and husband suffer greatly under this burden.
Please pray for a speedy resolution for the betterment of everyone involved.

Thank you for praying along side me.
God, please hear the prayers of St Jude in our behalf! Amen