Dear blessed St Jude please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to put my daughter’s mind in peace .She is disturbed by the criticism for a good message she sent to an apartment owner’s group .Please help her to cope and live amicably with others .She is all alone and needs help in the form of miracles from you dear St Jude please please help.She is no match for the scheming and arrogant dominating men who lives there .I am so worried for her -please protect her from them and all other evil people and accidents .Please let her find a nice man and fall in love and forget all her bad past and miseries please lord .She is blaming me for every misfortune in her life. I cannot take it anymore lord -please help my 2 daughters and my grand daughter and son in law join us in the UK for us to benifit financially and emotionally -we cannot survive any further living seperately in 3 different countries . please help please please -please wrap your loving healing arms around my younger daughter and calm her worries and give her good sleep without any medication -please let her agree for counselling at least -she is traumatic -please let her stop all her bad habits (if any)and smoking and drinking (if any) i am like a stranger to her -except when money is required- please put her in the right path or send somone to love her and put her in the right path please dear lord .please give her hope – please let her prosper professionally and let her dreams come true dear st Jude .please let her get her belief in prayer and god come back -i am sending her your prayers -please work your miracle on her and show her your power dear lord -turn around the girl dear lord -please – from the bottom of my broken heart -i beg for your help please–Thank you for all your favours to me and my family – I pray for all those in the prayer circle get their problems solved and be happy.