In need of miracle of healing of mind, body and soul. In my finances. Debt cleared and bank accounts flowing consistently with money on a continuous basis. Healthy savings and accountability and management. Was separated 13 years from husband. Trying to make amends in every area of my life. That my house is sold and money distributed fairly. Mortgage is paid and up to debt since renters are not paying their rent. Family is lying and making me out to be the bad one because I stepped aside from 24/7 caregiving of 93 year old mom so that they could step in and care for her. Six siblings. They all left it to me and I was in burnout. I am still recovering from that and Al they are throwing at me. But God is my protector. He will not allow this to continue. I believe in His promises. Change my heart too Lord to do everything in Your name. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life and that if my husband’s. In Jesus’ name, Amen