Living Hope Newsletter – November 2018

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Our 2018 Annual Mass for Benefactors

Every summer the National Shrine of St. Jude and the St. Jude League give thanks to all St. Jude devotees who make the ministries of hope and healing at the National Shrine possible with a special Mass for Benefactors.

For nearly 10 years, devotees of St. Jude from across the country have been attending the Mass for Benefactors each July. Attendees travel from nearby states such as Ohio and Minnesota and from as far as Texas and Pennsylvania and Colorado.

This year’s Mass took place on July 22nd and was presided over by the St. Jude League Director, Fr. Mark Brummel, C.M.F.

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“Thank you to all our friends and benefactors of the Shrine for joining us at this annual service of thanksgiving and appreciation,” said Fr. Mark during the introduction. “I first came to this parish and Shrine in 1970, which seems like yesterday. I’ve been here a long time and I know that many of you have been devoted to St. Jude for so many years.

During the special Mass, the Claretians placed the names of all the Benefactors of the National Shrine of St. Jude in the “Beacon of Hope 2018” book. The names were recognized and offered as a gift during the Mass, with the intentions of the Benefactors being placed at the altar of St. Jude and also prayed for during the Mass.

The St. Jude League hosts a simple light coffeecake brunch reception immediately following the Mass. In the community room on the lower level of the National Shrine, attendees have a time to meet fellow St. Jude devotees, talk a bit with Fr. Mark, and even have their picture taken with him. Fr. Mark is always energized by the in-person conversations with the devotees.

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“There will always be situations that disturb our peace: a sick child, an elderly relative, a demanding parent. Someone with a problem that demands our attention. It’s always something,” explained Fr. Mark during the homily. “Like the sheep without a shepherd we may feel lost and abandoned at times. But we turn to our loving God to be with us in those moments in life when the unexpected hits. And we trust in God’s plans that he will be there for us and that we, too, may respond with love and compassion.”

We thank all the National Shrine of St. Jude benefactors for the many ways in which they bring to life the devotion of St. Jude. The gifts you share with us directly benefit the lives of the people we serve as we live our ministry to continue to foster the devotion to the Patron Saint of Hope and maintaining the National Shrine to offer all your petitions in our Masses at the Shrine.

We look forward to celebrating next year’s Mass for Benefactors to honor yet another year of continued gratitude for all the devotees who share in the devotion to St. Jude.