Lisa Meola

No need to change the name it seems because I believe that all prayers are justified and no one can have an opinion about me other than god. I have prayed and prayed for months and I have gotten very close to the saints. I left a st Jude candle at the altar for my deceased father yesterday for Father’s Day. It has been hard growing up and traumatic and now I feel healed and led by god and the saints but I guess I’m still not getting the clarity of HOW, I need to move on a month and a half, unemployed after a long career and I want to travel and be free. 3 degrees later and I’m just burnt out from the grind and want to connect with god more and live independently from what others might think is the norm. It isn’t fear it just is more so I don’t know the steps to take and every time I try something it seems like the wrong path and that snakes show up trying to sway me. I’m getting pretty tired and would just love any further support. I guess I shouldn’t fear homelessness but it isn’t like that is really desirable. I feel like I’m going in the opposite direction of my dreams of an abundant life. Please pray for me, bless it be St.Jude thank you.