( Say prayers my dad Cousin frank zazza his friend son he is dyslexia special doctor help with adult dyslexia frank Zaza his friend is dyslexia doctor he help diff Ages he is young doctor he is very good doctor Frank Zaza good friend his friend son his office in city the people see him two week or two days and the doctor help me lots Frankie z and doctor dyslexia is part of our family’s everyone love love him he is work just Adult please answer ()my prayer my prayers my dad cousin Frank Zaza make sure the program help him find a job maintenance and someone help talk to him we don’t see him long time he see my dad and talk to him he is depressed his sons not taking to him make Frankie and Doctor around us every day special holiday it sure someone talk be around different people Holiday Saying prayer for my families and friends says prayer my dad and my mom and me ) Watching over us every day and night time keep us safe rest of life Jordan talk to different people conversation more people chat Thank you answer my prayers I hope so I hope so