Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayer for my son. He’s 44 years old and drives for a living but in July 2019 he had a major stroke he was in the hospital for two weeks and he came home and he’s not back to work yet he seems to be doing pretty good but he had lost his peripheral vision and we weren’t sure that it was going to be coming back. I’ve prayed to you for years for many many things and I’ve had a few prayers answered I carry you in my pocket all the time with your prayer card and pray to you every night and during the day I prayed so long to ask you if you could please answer my prayer that my son would get his peripheral vision back so when he can go back to work and drive again in just a couple weeks ago my son told me that his vision came back it took about seven months but I want to thank you so much for answering my prayer and all you’ve done for me through my lifetime and for my family. Still pray and I always well I believe in you and I are you do…thank you for answering my Prayer 🙏