God and Jesus thank you so very much for answering our prayers that my Dad K.R.B. had a successful surgery and make it through ! And thank you for the answered prayers that you got him off the breathing ventilator where he is breathing completely on his own without the machine . And in the process of Healing his pneumonia and MRSA staff infection . Thank you so much!! All glory to you God !! May you be glorified through all this !!! Thank you so much , so ever grateful to you for these answered prayers and all our blessings from you !! Oh you are a wonderful , awesome , and faithful God !! Praise the Lord !!! Hallelujah!!!! You are the one and only King , our Rock , our Redeemer!! Thank you Father God !! Thank you Jesus !!!
Please continue to heal my dad every day with a miraculous healing and recovery . He has a long journey ahead of him at almost 80 years old . Please continue to watch over him , protect him , be with him and his doctors , nurses and medical staff , and heal him . Please make him stronger and stronger every day to be able to walk and do the basic necessary things for quality of life .Thank you for protecting him , watching over him , healing him , blessing him and guiding his doctors , nurses and medical staff . Please forgive my dad and me of all our sins , I repent for the both of us . We are sinners and please forgive us .
Thank you so very much !!! All glory to you God and Jesus !! I love you very much ! In Jesus Name we pray Amen, Amen and Amen .