Kim Sullivan

Reposting for Turhan Adams Who has cancer:

St Jude please intercede for my Brother (Boytjie) Turhan Adams, so that God, may take pity on him, heal him by destroying the cancer ravaging his body and to stop it from spreading. That God may heal his inside and outside wounds so he is free from pain and for the Bags to function well without any ill effects. For God to heal him from the inside out and to destroy the cancerous growths and to stop it from spreading. To clear up and heal the infections from his operation wounds, his Urinary Tract and Kidneys and heal his Diabetes and Heart and bring his blood pressure down to normal, to guide the Doctors and Surgeons hands during and after his operations. Please Dear St Jude, beg for mercy that he can start eating more, become stronger, and gain weight so he can withstand and overcome the effects of the Chemo, Radiation, and Operation/s when he receives it. Please let his operation/s and tests be a success. Please help him in his marriage and give his wife and her family strength to continue caring for Boytjie. Please dear St Jude, keep him safe and please hear my plea and let my cry come unto thee. I ask all these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, please graciously hear and answer me that I may praise The Heavenly Father Eternally with you and all the elect, Amen.