Kevin A Bolt-Farrell

St. Jude pray for us.
for rickets/nutritional rickets, rachitis/osteomalacia/skeletal deformities, stunted growth/arrested development, dwarfism/short stature/auxology and sleep disorder/sleep deprevation
for the blessings of St. Winifred of Wales, St. Madron of Cornwall, St. Attracta of Killaracht, St. Romedio of Nonsberg, Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Our Lady of the Cape and Jesus (Our Lord of the Forsaken)
for the blessings of St. Judas Thaddeus, St. Rita of Cascia, St. Philomena, St. Eustace/Eustachius, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, St. Phanourios the Great and Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima)
Blessed be the Holy Trinity!