This is to encourage every one of you in the devotion to and reliance on St. Jude in your time of despair or great need.
He answered my prayers in less than a week, after six months of my trying to effect change myself. I had moved to remote mountain area, hoping the woods would effect a healing but I developed a further autoimmune disorder and cannot tolerate the extreme climate, so needed to move back home to the SF Bay area were the climate is mild. For 6 months I tried to get housing and a job. Then my landlord notified me they are selling my building, so I HAD to get out.
Panic attacks ensued. I knew I could not go on without help. So I prayed to dear St. Jude multiple times a day and made the Sacred Heart infallible novena (not yet finished). There were some bumps – the first person I applied to rent with turned me down, but she found me another place and I’m in! I also have several headhunters nailing down jobs for me when I get there.
Unfailing, Blessed St. Jude, patron of the despairing, I will laud your name and the power of your intercession and use this experience to help others in their time of need, with heart and hands and voice.