My mother is a caretaker to my father who has vascular dementia and to my grandmother who is 91. She was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer a week ago. I live in another country and have trouble getting home for her treatment because of the corona virus. I feel scared and helpless and the thoughts of my family being doomed scare me…i can’t lose them all…I feel like I am dying. Please St.Jude help me I beg you…pray my mom will get news about clear postoperative margins and cancer free clear lymph nodes. Please pray her treatment will be easy on her and she will live through it without any complications. Pray the corona virus will vanish so I can go home without quarantine and fear.Please pray my dad and grandmother are alright. Please help me St.Jude. You helped me through so much…you helped my dad survive…you helped Nurry stay alive longer…you smoothed international conflict I prayed about. Please pray my mother will live into old age and that her cancer will be cured. Pray that the doctors caught it early enough. I trust in you St.Jude. i humbly ask anyone reading this to pray for my mother and my family and me…I can use all the prayers I can get for I am without hope and helpless and in my dark night of the soul. My whole future fell apart and my hopes and dreams for my mother and me. My life is broken now and I beg St.Jude to pray for me before God to have mercy on us…Please pray for my mother St.Jude…she has had a hard life and the thought of her physically suffering makes me ill and despaired. Help us… Amen