Would you please pray that I will find romantic love that leads to marriage in this lifetime? I am still single at age 59… I work hard to be a good person, I have a great job, a nice home, I’m attractive, kind, generous and genuine – I have a wonderful family, close friends and a lot to give, but love has eluded me for so many years… I am growing so sad and discouraged… I try to live a good life and I’m close to God and have a pure heart, but it is breaking… I long for love, and I’m starting to think that I’ve done something wrong or i’m not worthy of having romantic love from a good man in my life… I see so many others finding love and their life partner / soulmate, but I am just alone. For so long now… My heart is breaking and I am feeling very sad, discouraged and hopeless. St. Jude is the Patron Saint of hopeless cases… Would you please pray to God, Jesus and St. Jude that I will meet my Soulmate soon and we can build a happy and loving life together? In Jesus’ name I pray for this or something better. Thank you very much. <3