I fear for the souls of my literal enemies. It’s true that I despise and hate them deeply for very good reasons. They have attacked me and done literal harm to me and my reputation. I do NOT like them at all.
However I have finally come back to and I now embrace Christ with my heart. I repent to Christ and hand them ALL to him.

I know that God would want prayers for their literal souls…. especially the one who already died and is probably in hell right now. Jesus, if by your will, please make an exception and save this one person from hell.
I now give each and every one of my enemies to God. Almost all of these people are literal “card carrying” satanists (TST) and/or heavily influenced by demons. Some do literal rituals to demons. Not exaggerating. I’ve seen things they do.

Jesus, please have mercy on each of their souls and do what ever you need to do. No matter how harsh, to save all their souls from going to hell and make all of them on fire with the holy Spirit in them….serving you forever.

Please hear me, in the name of the father, and the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.