Dear Lord, Thank you for your blessings and prayers answered.For God’s mercy, healing and protecting peace in these turbulent times. Thank you that B is ok. Hope she continues to stay healthy and all her test results come out normal. Praying for healing. Thank you for saving my son and healing him from COVID. Thanks to you, St. Jude. Happy, healthy, healing, confidence and love. Please guide me through life with strength.
Dear Lord Jesus Heavenly Father, I ask you to hear my prayers. I pray to you for my children, husband, brother and my family’s wellbeing, health,career, education and financial situation. Holy God, please protect our family from every sort of action and evil deeds. Thank you for the recovery of my son from COVID. We plead the blood of Jesus over us, our lives, homes, vehicles, health, finances, schools, jobs, decisions and footsteps. We love you Lord. Forgive us for any sins we may have committed. God, keep a shield of protection around us from all harm and danger. Thank you for all your blessings. Thank you, Lord, for the prayers answered. Let’s continue to offer our dire needs with hope and faith in the Lord. Pray that my home, life, and health will be blessed by the Lord. Amen.