StJude, please send aid to Australia. They are suffering beyond belief. The poor animals, All God’s Creatures Great and Small. Please send them drenching rains. Please protect the Firefighters, First Responders ,rescue workers, volunteers and all who are involved in this humanitarian effort.🙏🇦🇺
St. Jude, please please help me. I feel so alone in my fears. I worry constantly over my family’s health & finances. I literally worry during all my waking hours. I am exhausted. The constant anxiety sometimes triggers health problems. I feel a constant black cloud hovers over me. Please send me a sign everything will work out, so that I can find relief from this torture. Please pray for All in the Prayer Circle that their prayers be answered if it is Gods’s will. Thank you St.Jude for the promise of Hope you hold out for all who believe, and inspire me to give this gift of Hope to others as it has been given to me.🙏