John Stevens

Hi ! I’m writing here NOT to ask a prayer for myself, but to (please) pray for another.
“Rosemarie B” one of the kindest sweetest and most tender hearted loving women
God ever put on this earth. Many years ago, she met me when I was young in high school.

I was (sadly) a disgusting abusive and sick minded male back then who didn’t properly know
how to gently tenderly care for a female like this .I saw only ME. I ruined her, her family, and many
others causing great harm and long lasting pain. I cannot be forgiven (I doubt even by God for I
didn’t act in “ignorance”). I can’t forgive myself, and she will never ever forgive me even now decades
later. My mind replays these scenes and I hear her cries. I see her tears, I feel her heart break.

PLEASE if you have young males, DO NOT let them become me! I was sick! I was so so wrong and some
wrongs one can’t ever “fix”. Not with prayer, not with fasting, and not with confession.

If you see this, please pray. God knows my real name. He knows who this person is as well. She’s had
a very hard painful life for many decades now and I opened the door to the start of her pain.

May God have mercy on my soul! Thank You!