Johanna Thurston

St Jude, Pray With Me For All The People And Their Love Ones Around The World, Including My Love Ones, My Friends And Myself. To Find Hope In Their Everyday Lives, Recieving Your Protection On A Daily Basis, Along With Your Spiritual Healing.
May Your Blessings Grant Them Support, Comfort, Joy, Laughter, Guidance, Direction And Strength. As They Partake In The Ups And Downs Of Life.
Pray For Pope Francis, Keeping Him In Your Spiritual Protection, Supported By Your Angels Of Love And Healing. Also Grant Your Blessings To All Religious Leaders And Religious Organizations To Keep Them Healthy With Sound Mind, Spirits, Souls And Bodies.
May Everyone Myself Included Around This World, St Jude Be Blessed This Easter, With Their Heart’s Fully Open And Depending On God For All Their Needs And Mine.
St Jude, Grateful And Thank You For Your Hope, Comfort And Love To Us All, At Our Time Of Need.
Because You Remind Us, When We Are Going Through Our Storms, We Can Not Go It Alone Or Otherwise We Are Walking Independently Of God.
Therefore We Have To Be Truly Relying On God To Come Through For Us, By Strengthening Our Faith And Belief Through Prayer And God’s Word
I Am Thankful For Showing Me The Way St Jude, To Jesus Christ, God And God’s Word.God Bless xxx