Johanna Thurston

St Jude, Pray With Myself For Healing If It’s God’s Will.
Father Grant Myself Comfort, Life Force Energy, Strength, Resilience To Mend Mend My Brokenness.
I Believe And Have Faith That Out Of My Brokenness You Can Heal Me And Place Me On The Divine Path That You Have For Me.
I Accept My Healing In My Life And Are Grateful For Everything You Do For Myself.
I Do Not Understand My Affliction Of Severe Exhaustion And The Drs Have No Answers.
All I Know I Have Faith And Belief In Your Timing, Your Will And I Am Grateful For You Lord Jesus And Your Belief And Faith In God And God’s Love And Word.
Please Look After, Protect And Guide Individuals Who Are In A Worse Position Than I Am. Thank You, Lord Jesus God Blessxxx.
St Jude Thank You For Everything You Do For Everyone Who Crys Out To You In Their, Pain, Sadness And Anguish. Show Them The Way And Help Them To Heal And Walk In Your Light And Love. Touch Their Hearts With Your Prescene Father God. God Blessxxxx