St Jude, I Pray Throughout Lenten And The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ That Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary And The Spiritual Realms Of Light. Receive Prayers Of Comfort, Gratitude And Hope.
Let The Gratitude From Myself, Family, Friends And Everyone Around The World, Enfolds Them All. Especially Father God Jesus Christ And Mother Mary For The Sacrifice They All Made Regarding Jesus Christ’s Death And The Crucifixion, For All Our Sins.
Let My Family, Friends, Father Mark Brummel, The Claretians, Pope Francis’s And Myself Feel The Surrounding Love, Hope, Protection And Comfort Of God.
St Jude, Help Us All To Forgive The People Who Have Caused Us To Have Situations In Our Lives Which Have Caused Us Pain, Anger, Bitterness, Etc.
Grant Us The Strength To Let The Pain, Anger Go.
St Jude, Enable Us All To Release The Holding Power We Have Given To The Darkness Over Ourselves.
Help Us To Release And Forgive That Individual Or Situation.
Enabling Individuals To Relinquish The Powerful Hold The Darkness As Over Them. Which Starts The Healing Process From Inside, Feeling Healthier, Becoming Stronger, By Taking Back Our Power From The Darkness.
God Blessxxxx