Joanne Armillotta

Please Pray for me. I Pray that when I have my biopsy , I Pray that my results will be fine. If there is anything please may it not of spread and may the Doctors be able to help me and heal me and help me to get better. I promise to be ever so grateful and to change my ways. I promise to be a better person to everyone and be ever so grateful. I also like to Pray for all my friends and family like my Mom Lorraine and my daughter Annemarie, may all their medical problems go away and may all their tests be fine as well. Also May Elenor and Debbie and Alice and Nancy and Carol and all those that need your healing touch. May all their tests be fine too. Please Pray for all of us for healing and may all our tests be fine. We will all be ever so grateful and never forget how blessed we all are. Thank you !Amen !