I need divine intervention, Lord Jesus! I have been waiting almost a year to get in to see the new doctor after my former doctor retired. I called to get an appointment today in May and the office could not definitely tell me if I would be able to get all of the things that need to be covered in the one appointment & refused to let me schedule a second appointment in May . I need to get everything taken care of in May as May is the month I take care of these “things: re: Medicare paying for them. Please ask God to grant me the favor of getting that second appointment in May w/o difficulty and being able to schedule a ride to get there, as I do not drive & I have to schedule rides at least 2 weeks in advance and even then there is no guarantee I would be able to get scheduled for the ride to get there. Please Lord Jesus, will come thru for me & grant that I can get all 4 prescriptions and the test I need done in May w/o difficulty. Thank you for all You have done for me. Amen