Intercessions please

Dear St. Jude, thank you for all the answered prayers. Thank you for the good results in my father’s recent scan. Please continue to heal his body and do not let cancer spread. Praying that his treatments will continue to work in his body. I’m here once again needing more miracles in my life. Please help me because this has been weighing on my mind for a long time now. I am very scared about what I am feeling lately. I see a red mark on my left side that comes get go sometimes a bruise and I don’t know what it is. Please I am begging you to please heal my body from any sickness. Please do not let me have cancer or any serious illness. Please heal my body. I need miracles in my life and for all the people i love. My children still need me. I really cannot afford to get sick right now. I have very young children. Please have pity on my children. They need me in this life. Please do not let me have cancer and any illness. Please take away all the discomfort and pain I am feeling in my body and heal my body completely. Please make all my scans and checkups good results. I am begging you my dear God. Please bless me with a long and healthy life for the sake of my children and family. My father has cancer and I need to be there for my parents as well. Please continue to heal my father’s cancer and that his treatments will be effective always. I also pray for my mother because she has a thyroid condition. I pray that all her scans and checkups will be good.. i pray that God will guide all her doctors to heal her. I pray that she doesn’t need to undergo surgery and that she will be healed if she take meds for it. Please do not let that thing grow snd continue to heal both of my parents. Please help my parents. Please keep my husband, brothers and their children and my children all healthy. Only you God can heal our bodies and bless us with long life. I also pray for my brother who will undergo surgery soon. Please make everything go well for him. That surgery will be successful and no complications. So he can recover quickly. Please grant all the requests I have. Please hear my prayers. I really dont know what to do everyday. Please give me your peace and let me know that everything will be ok. I also pray for jobs because I havent been earning money for so long now. Please lead my way to something that will make me more productive and happier. I am helping other people and giving them money but my savings are not being replenished. I am so broke and I do not know how I can earn money again. My life has been revolving around my children. Please help me my dear God. I surrender all my fears and worries to you. Please hear everything that’s in my heart and help me. I just want to live longer for my children. I fervently pray that my prayers are also God’s will for me. Please have pity on my children. Have pity on me. Please keep us healthy and bless us always. I also pray for everyone on this prayer circle that all their prayers will be answered. Amen.