Dear St. Jude, I’ve been so depressed for more than a week now not knowing what went wrong between me and my friend. I was totally caught off guard for him to cut me off his life. I really thought everything was doing good between us. We were happy from our last conversation and he just disappeared from me without a warning. It hurts so much because he knows that I will get really sad when this happens but he did it to me on purpose. I’m sure he has his reasons why he did this, and all I can do is accept that again and respect his boundaries. He probably couldn’t tell me any bad things anymore that’s why he just cut me off completely. Either way I know it will hurt. I really thought we are building a healthy friendship but he broke my heart into pieces for not caring about me. I’m fervently praying for my feelings to go away because I am hurt once again. He dumped me once and he did it to me once again. How many times will it have to hurt. Please remove these feelings. I don’t know what to do anymore. I waited for him but he never returned and it’s hurting me. I’ve always tried to see the good in him and put him on a pedestal. I really don’t know why this happened. Please help me with my feelings because I am very hurt right now. Please take away all the pain I am feeling and make me stronger than this. Take the pain away very soon please. Amen.