Healing Touch

ask for your healing power to flow through every aspect of my dental health. May any infection or inflammation be swiftly diminished, and may the pain subside. Grant me the ability to eat, drink, and speak without discomfort. Restore the health of my teeth and gums, and provide the necessary intervention for complete healing. pre-diabetic and overweight, I stand at a critical juncture where lifestyle changes are imperative. I have joined Weight Watchers and my doctor has prescribed weight loss medication, but I have yet to see significant progress. I implore your prayers for my health journey – pray for strength, discipline, and guidance as I strive for extreme weight loss and strive to prevent the onset of diabetes.In addition to these challenges, I bear the weight of mental health struggles, including a history of depression and a suicide attempt in 2019. The journey towards healing and well-being has been arduous but transformative. I request your prayers for continued strength, resilience, and peace of mind. Pray for the restoration of my mental health and the fortitude to seek help when needed.