Healing Prayers

Dear St. Jude and all the prayer warriors here, thank you so much for interceding for me. Thank you so much for a successful surgery of my dad. I continue to fervently pray that the results will come back negative. Please do not let him have cancer and do not let this cancer spread in his body. Please help my father and that he recovers quickly from his surgery without any complications and problems. I also pray for my mom that she will be healthy and safe and strong too. Please continue to make our scans and checkups good results always. I also pray for myself. Please heal my body from any sickness. Please do not let me have cancer or any serious illness. Please continue to make my scans and checkups good results. I also pray for my husband, my brothers and their kids as well as my children. Please do not let any of my family get cancer. Please continue to hear my prayers. Amen