Healing Prayers

Dear St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Therese, St. Peregrine, Padre Pio, Mother Mary, all the angels and saints in heaven, and all the prayer warriors on this site, please help intercede for me. You’re the only one I can depend on right now. Only God can help me. Please heal my father from his cancer. Remove this cancer so it doesn’t spread in his body soon. He’s currently going into treatment and I fervently pray that the medicine they are putting in his body is working to fight this cancer for remission. I know that there is nothing impossible with God. People are saying that cancer cannot be removed in a person’s body forever but I do not believe in that. Please reward our faith for believing that God is a healer and will have mercy on His children and is a God of hope. Please have mercy on him. Please help heal my father. Please bless him with lots of strength to fight this disease. Please bless him with a longer life so we can spend more time together and make more memories. Please don’t leave us right now. We really need your help. You are our hope, our strength, and the only one who helps us get through this day by day. Please heal my father. Take away the pain and discomfort he is feeling in his body and make all his scans clear. Please take away all the side effects that he got from his treatments. Heal his body, please. Take away his bad coughs because of the inflammation from his radiation, all the damaged tissues, blockages, and everything that’s making him sick. Please make everything okay. Please make all his scans and checkups good results every time he gets his whole body checked. I fervently pray that the lymph node is not cancer. His tissues got damaged and is inflamed that’s causing his air passage issues that made him pass out. Please don’t let this happen again. Please help stop his coughing. His body has been damaged because of cancer. Please restore my father’s health. Please heal my father completely. Please have mercy on us most especially him. Please make all the results of his checkups and scans good.. I also pray that the discomfort he is feeling on his neck/lymp nodes doesn’t mean anything and is not cancer. Please take away the cancer in his body completely please. I’m sorry for always asking the same prayers over and over. It’s so hard living day by day and see him suffer. Please help him that his cough will go away soon. I’m begging you, please hear our prayers and help us. I fervently pray that the results of all his scans will come out good always. Please God. Please remove all cancer, inflammation, heal damaged tissues, remove blockages, everything that’s not supposed to be in his body. Please remove all viruses & allergens in their home thats also triggering his cough. Nobody else can heal him but you. With your mercy and grace he will be blessed and healed. Please do not let cancer stay inside his body. Remove all cancer in his body please. We are so lost, scared everyday and really don’t know what to do. Please help us pray to God that he will answer our prayers. Please heal my father and bless him with good news in all his future scans. I also pray for my mother. Please continue to keep her healthy and strong. Please heal her goiter and bless her with a long life too. Please comfort my parents and take away all their fears and worries. My mother is always sad and worried and afraid. We are always hoping for a miracle and help to heal my father from cancer. My parents are getting old and I worry about them all the time. Please bless us with your grace of healing. Please don’t let anyone in my family have cancer or any serious illness. Please continue to bless me with good health too that I will never have cancer or any serious illness. Please allow me to live long healthy because my little children needs me as well as my parents. Please help us. Please don’t leave us. Please give us hope and comfort. Take away all our fears. Please we need your miracles, hope, and strength. I also pray for everyone who are battling illness, especially those who are terminally ill, those people who has cancer, those who are lonely, depressed, and hopeless. Please be close to them and heal them. Please answer all our prayers. Thank you so much. Amen.