I am currently a defendant in a lawsuit but also in the process of buying a home. I’m afraid this pending lawsuit will prohibit us from getting approved for a mortgage loan. Please pray for us that we may get pre-approved for this home loan.
I will admit I’m angry, frustrated, and bitter about how this lawsuit affects other aspects of our lives. It’s weighing down on me significantly. I don’t wish any ill will on the plaintiff. I wish for all parties (including other defendants) involved to have a good outcome (if that’s even possible). But I also would like to be able to lead other parts of my life away from this lawsuit.
Please pray for us, this is our dream home and we’ve been saving so much for so long for this. Please, St. Jude, intercede on our behalf, that we may be granted pre-approval for this home loan.

Thank you to everyone who prays for us and for everyone else.

Yours in prayer,