Happy Easter To All

Dear St. Jude, thank you for all your answered prayers and for always being there for us. Thank you God for your promise of never ending love. Happy Easter to everyone and I pray that everyone in this prayer circle who are patiently praying for miracles in their lives to be blessed with answers for all their prayers. I pray that all who suffer from cancer will be completely healed. That they will be blessed with strength, courage, hope, joy in their hearts, and more healthy years to live with their loved ones. Please reward our faith dear God. I pray that you listen closely to my heart’s desires that I cannot verbalize or put into words. I am really afraid of my father’s upcoming brain surgery. Please make everything go well. No complications, no cancer found, and that he will quickly recover from the surgery. Please heal my father from his cancer and bless us with your miracle pf healing. Please fight this battle for him. Please have mercy on him. I also pray that he will be protected from any other sickness and viruses. As well as my mother that she will be healed from any sickness and pain she has. I pray for myself that I will not have cancer. Please continue to make all our scans and checkups good results. Please do not let anyone in our family have cancer. Please protect us always and answer our prayers. I pray that my requests are also God’s will for us. Please bless us with your peace that everything will turn out well in our lives. Help us o God. Amen.