Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga.Father God I’m pleading down at at feet to take control of my mother’s health,My mother is in pain everyday, especially backpain,burning legs and feet.Fathrer God please touch my mother from head to toe,Lord every pain,every infection,any sickness knowing and unknowing father God please remove it from my mother’s body,My God repair and restore my mother’s body in Jesus name.Father God touch my mothers lungs heal my mother’s lungs in the name of Jesus.Father God let every cancerous tumours in the body die in the name of the Jesus.My God break every spirit of infirmity in Jesus name.My God please blow life into my mother’s body strengthen my mothers body,please restore my mother’s health in the mighty name of Jesus.Father God please heal my mother from all sickness diseases infections in the mighty name of Jesus
All of my mother’s body pains starts after 12pm every night,than my mother’s shout and scream like someone who’s losing her mind.Father God I break every plot and plan of the enemy against my mother in the name of Jesus,I pray the Armour of God over my mother’s body over my mother’s life in the mighty name of Jesus.The Devil is a liar,please help me to pray to Break and remove the spirit of infirmity from my mother’s life,every witchcraft curse every ungodly plot of the enemy I break it it the name of Jesus,father God make every witchcraft curse of no effect,don’t let it effect my mother in the mighty Holy name of Jesus Amen