Donor Bill of Rights

St. Jude League Donor Bill of Rights

The St. Jude League is committed to honoring the rights of donors and prospective donors. We understand that your contributions come from a place of good and we respect your right to open and honest communication with the St. Jude League. As such, we are committed to proving donors with the following:

  1. To provide professional and ethical communication between you (the donor) and any individuals representing the St. Jude League.
  2. To provide timely acknowledgement and recognition of your gift.
  3. To inform you of the St. Jude League’s mission and how we intend to use your gift.
  4. To provide access to the organization's most recent financial statements when planning a major gift ($10,000 and above) or working with their estate attorney/planner in the determination of a bequest in their will.
  5. To provide a simple way to unsubscribe from communications from the St. Jude League.