I pray for all my friends especially my close friends to whom I promise to offer my prayers. Please help them in all their struggles and keep them safe and healthy. Please bless my close friends with a long life. I also pray for my dear departed ones who are not with us anymore that their souls rest in peace. I also pray for my first love M that he will always be safe and happy. I pray that both of us will have a heart to heart talk. That he will stop treating me indifferently and that he will stop making me look like a fool. I can feel that he never really loved me because he had so many women in his life. And we are both in our own committed relationships now. I still think about him every day even before I got into a relationship. He never really left my heart. I don’t know why I still miss him when he’s part of my past already. I pray that our friendship will be better and that he will treat me better. Please take away all the pain, worries, fears that I may have. I would like to pray for my parents, my brothers and their children, my husband and my children, to be safe and healthy always. I pray that none of us will have cancer or any serious illness. Please bless us with a long and healthy life. I also pray for everyone in this prayer circle. Please help everyone who are here and grant their prayers. Amen.