Yesterday, I blocked my first love because I am so hurt. I have tried to endure all his mistreatment and rudeness towards me as well as all the pain he has caused me in the past. I gave him all the chances and benefit of the doubt. Hoping we can restore our friendship even though we both have our own lives and relationships now. But it seems like we will never have a good relationship even as friends. He’s been treating me within arms length most of the time. Talks to me differently and ignores my messages. It’s so hard to communicate with him and I couldn’t stand anymore so I have to end it for good. My emotions got the best out of me. I just feel so disrespected and unappreciated. Even as friends he shows his care so fake and without thoughtfulness. Coldhearted for sure. I gave up. I told him before blocking him that he will always have a special place in my heart. He may believe that or not but I said my piece. I didn’t get mad at him or caused any other drama and I didn’t even bring all the issues from the past. I refused to said a word that I know might hurt him. But i have to protect myself now and leave all his memories behind. Please heal me and I hope he finds in his heart that everything he did to me was wrong and that he owed me an apology. I have been so true to him even though my honesty was taken against me. Please heal my heart completely from the thoughts of him. He’s not good for me even as friends we are not. It turned out that he’s really just a half friend, half enemy. Amen