I pray for all my friends especially my close friends to whom I promise to offer my prayers. They helped me pray when I needed their help. Please help them in all their struggles and keep them safe and healthy. Please bless my close friends with a long life. I also pray for my dear departed ones who are not with us anymore that their souls rest in peace. I also pray for my first love M that he will always be safe and happy. He rides a motorcycle everyday and it’s not always safe. I pray that both of us will have a heart to heart talk. I have so much unresolved feelings from my past that’s been haunting me every day. I feel like until now he is manipulating me but I have forgiven him for all the wrong things and pain he has caused me. It seems like my prayer for us to be normal friends is impossible to happen because we have a past and we’re both married now. Even before I got married my feelings for him didn’t change. It’s as if my soul is connected to him. I don’t know if he will ever treat me with respect and will genuinely care about me. I’d like to stop hoping as the more I hope for us to be good friends the more I get hurt as it will never happen. I can feel that he never really loved me even before because he had so many women in his life at that time. He kept insisting that I was the one who’s infatuated with him but it was him who’s infatuated at me. I don’t know why I still miss him when he’s part of my past already. I pray that our friendship will be better and that he will treat me better. Or if this will never happen, I pray that I will be strong enough not to contact him anymore. I pray that my caring heart will stop caring about him. I pray that he will completely leave my heart and my thoughts. Please take away all the pain, worries, fears that I may have. I would like to pray for my parents, my brothers and their children, my husband and my children, to be safe and healthy always. I pray that none of us will have cancer or any serious illness. Please bless us with a long and healthy life. I also pray for everyone in this prayer circle. Please help everyone who are here and grant their prayers. Amen.