Dear St Jude I thank you for your prayers to our holy father on my behalf the blessings that have been given to me show our lords compassion and mercy is available to anyone who asks with deep faith and belief. I pray that all those who have sent their prayers and requests will receive the everlasting blessings and compassion they are praying for. It took me over forty years to feel that God was listening. He was always listening but our lord absolutely knows when we are genuinely wanting to change which is why so many prayers remain unanswered. Go to our lord open your heart fully and think about what it is you want that you can’t get by your own efforts. Our lord helps when there is no other way out for you. He also knows whether what you are asking is what will change your attitude towards him. Look deep into your soul see what’s there then go to our lord with full confidence promising that with his grace you will change for the better.