St. Jude I need strength to keep my little boy AIdan calm tomorrow morning while he goes for his brain MRI. Give him strength and courage as he gets ready for his mri. Send over the best hands to treat him. I’m begging you keep him seizure free and let him live a healthy happy safe and calm childhood and life. Send me a miracle for good news with the test results. Keep guiding and protecting me and my family, kids. I’m begging you keep him happy and healthy and calm with this medication and no more rages. Keep us all healthy and only let love in. Please remove any anxiety and fears he may have. Send me a financial blessing we are in desperate need of one. Take all my worries and anxiety and pain and help me release it all. My family needs me to be the rock especially during these scary times.
Please fill me with wisdom. Thank you always in advance Amen🙏🏼