Dear St.Jude, as we are approaching New Year, my family will be facing many challenges and changes ahead. May our decision to move closer to my sisters and friend will have excellent short and long-term outcome. May we be able to adjust easily to all things especially for my mother and my husband. May we always be healthy, happy, prosperous, financially sound, and may all things go well with all aspects of our lives. May there be no worries, anxiety, and obstacles. May our decision to purchase the condo in New Jersey is a very good choice with good neighbors and community and the purchase will reap great rewards for us without any complications. May we be able to take good care of my mother with lots of support from my siblings and friend. May we make a lot of good friends and have time for ourselves, family, friends, have spiritual purpose and helping others. St. Jude, please answer our prayers and pray for all especially ones who needs help and experience difficulties. Amen.