Yvonne, America 🫶

I’ve prayed for Yvonne from Kenya (who has the same name as me!) Deepti, Natalie, Mindy, Thomas, ‘Mother’ and Kathleen.

Please pray for my family. My mother is separating from my father after years of emotional abuse and now my Dad, in his wrath, is threatening to sell our house and displace all 5 of his children just to spite her. This is a difficult financial situation for all of the adult children already, but going to sleep not knowing if my own Father’s going to make me homeless or not is a stress I can only bear with God’s help, and prayer. I’m trying not to allow hate in my heart against my Dad, though he’s eager for vengeance. I need to have mercy. My Mother is the most selfless woman I know, raised me in the faith, and is going through much spiritual and emotional exhaustion. I just pray that she can someday have peace for once in her life. I hate to see her suffer, it breaks my heart as her daughter. St.Jude, please pray for her. 🙏
Seeing this thread of prayer requests makes me question asking for prayers over my situation, when I see everyone already has such heavy crosses to bear. I realize though, all the more, how important prayer is and how essential it is to the Catholic community as a whole. And please know I’m praying for everyone who’s posted on this board- that GOD’S WILL be done on everyone’s behalf. Much love-Yvonne, in America🫶🙏