St. Jude hear our pleas and prayers. Take our prayers to God the ALMIGHTY to end the pandemic. No more deaths, especially our children, young adults. Watch over them,protect them from all evil,sin,corruption, all negativity. All CATHOLICS please help me pray to St. Jude for the protection of all our churches, stop all desecration of all Holy ALTERS, and OUR Holy EUCHARIST. Put an end to all Human trafficking. Stop all Abuse of any kind. Abuse of power,emotional, physical, sensual Abuse. STOP all abuse and painful Deaths of children at the hands of their own family. Please put an end to all Riots,, all marches,burning of buildings . Stop all Shootings, drive by, especially when children are involved. Protect our Govt. From those who just want the power. Let’s pray for all CATHOLICS that left the church, to repent, asking Jesus Christ for forgiveness ,returning back ,becoming Strong,DEVOTE CATHOLICS. We need to pray to put an end to all Law Enforcement, ambushes,Shootings. Increase our Faith,HOPE,LOVE AND TRUST IN THE HOLY TRINITY, HOLY FAMILY. ST. Jude, Queen of the Holy Rosary hear our prayers. That the whole world repent of their sins,that we all PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY AND DIVINE MERCY EVERYDAY. GOD THE ALMIGHTY FORGIVE THE SINS OF ALL SOULS IN PURGATORY, WASH THEM CLEAN OF ALL THEIR SINS,THEN RAISING THEM UP TO HEAVEN. PROTECT ALL FIREFIGHTERS, SEARCH AND RESCUSE,ALL OUR ARMED FORCES,ALL FIRST RESPONDERS. LET PRAY FOR ALL THOSE THAT REFUSE WEARING MASKS,GETTING VACINATED, MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT TO STOP THE PANDEMIC. PRAY FOR MY 9 YR.OLD GRANDDAUGHTER, WHO AT HER TENDER AGE HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH ANXIETY, PTSD,PAINFUL STOMACH ISSUES,NARCOLEPSY, ASTHMA. HAS FREQUENT BOUTS OF BRONCHITIS, TAKE AWAY HER DYSLEXIA, POOR SELF-ESTEEM,STOP HER PANIC,ANXIETY ATTACKS. STOP HER URGE AND OFTEN STRIKES OUT,AND ATTEMPTS TO HURT HERSELF,PULLING HER HAIR OUT,SCRATCHING HERSELF. SHE HAS A HUGE HEART OF GOLD,SHE TAKES CARE OF OTHERS,ESPECIALLY THE ELDERLY. PRAY FOR MY DAUGHTER,VVV. WHO HAS BEEN TAKING CARE OF HER MOM IN LAW,DOING THE GROCERY SHOPPING, PAYING BILLS,CLEANING HER HOME,MOWING HER YARD,FIXING WHAT NEEDS FIXING. A VERY COLD APS WORKER,ACCUSED HER OF STEALING MONEY FROM THE BANKING ACCOUNT,FORGING CHECKS,AND REALLY UPSET MY GRANDDAUGHTER, AND MY DAUGHTER MOM IN LAW. PLEASE HELP ME PRAY FOR A GOOD OUTCOME. STOP ALL KKK,WHITE SUPREMACIST, PEOPLE WHO USE BLM FOR THEIR OWN AGENDA. GOD HEAL ALL THOSE WITH COVID, IF IT IS THY WILL. PROVIDE COMFORT TO THOSE IN MORNING. HELP ME PRAY FOR MY ELDEST SIS. CURRENTLY IN NURSING HOME WITH ALZHEIMERS. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL🙏🏻✝️🌟