All Christians need to come together and Pray, your Daily Prayers, The Novenas, The Holy Rosary everyday. Giving God Thanks for what we do have. LOVE, JOY, FAITH, JESUS HIS SON. ST. JUDE PLEASE HELP US, Please help fight the Pandemic, the new variants. St. Jude that every heart, who is not beating due to Covid-19. Continue to give all 1st
Responders, Hope, Faith, Strength, Courage, Love for all people regardless of race, color. In GODS eyes , we are all same. Protect, Help, all in hospital staff, including all techs, secretaries, lest us pray, for St. Jude’s Prayers help.GIVE US STRENGTH, Hope,. Protect all Law Enforcement, EMS PERSONNEL,SEARCH AND RESCUE, FIREFIGHTERS ALL OUR ARMED FORCES. HELP ALL SCIENTISTS, MEDICAL Personnel, be able to come up with a solution to kill the Virus and it’s variants. St. Jude help stop any and all antigovernment people,the Rioters,the White Supremacy, stop all luting,Shootings, violent protests, BLM, stop the leaders of these organization ordering destruction of all Statues,of SAINTS,JESUS, MARY. TO DESTROY EVERYTHING INCLUDING, DESECRATION OF THE ALTERS, THE HOLY EUCHARIST. ST. JUDE HELP BRING BACK WHOM LEFT THE CHURCH. THAT THEY BECOME STRONG DEVOTE CATHOLIC. ST. JUDE STRENGTH OUR FAITH,THAT WE PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY EVERYDAY,, BE KINDER, Respect each others, RELIGION, SKIN COLOR, HANDICAPS. X ST. JUDE HELP US BRING BACK what we left behind: OUR FAITH,ANY HOPE, TRUST AND LOVE. INCREASE OUR FAITH, LOVE FOR EACH OTHER, LOVE THE HOLY TRINITY,HOLY FAMILY. WE ALL NEED TO PRAY EVERY DAY, DAILY ROSARY FOR PEACE. SACRED HEART OF JESUS HEAR OUR PRAYERS.IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, HEAR OUR PRAYERS, PRAY FOR US. PRAY FOR INCREASE NUMBER OF GOOD,HONEST, PRIEST, RE FORMATION OF NUNS.